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XNA Basic Starter Kit

 TERMS OF USE: you may build your own game with the Kit, but you must replace all original  artwork and text with your own. Original artwork includes (but is not limited to) "Ninja Cats"  sprites and backgrounds. You may mention OnekSoft in your credits, but your game must not be  represented as a product of OnekSoft Games or OnekSoft Labs.
  • What is the XNA Basic Starter Kit?
    • A mashup of many basic features of an Xbox Live Indie Game.
  • Why is it being built?
    • To reduce/eliminate common issues that cause a game to fail Peer Review.
  • How is it being put together?
    1. Started with MS Game State Management Sample (Ref: GSM on MSDN)
    2. Added Easy Storage, for x86 and Xbox (Ref: Nick Gravelyn)
    3. Added safe-area display for debugging (Ref: Michael Anderson)
    4. Added primitive drawing lib, for x86 + Xbox port (Ref: Luis Estrada)
    5. Added basic sprite animation (Ref: George Clingerman & Sapumal's Blog)
  • What else was added after integrating all of the above?
    1. Added customizable HUD components, for text + graphics
    2. Added Unlock Full Game menu option
    3. Added visual tile-grid menu for selection
    4. Added collision detection example
    5. Refactored Sprite class into multiple classes
  • Who is it for? Who does it help?
    • For newbies just starting out, or published devs starting a new project
  • When can I get it?
    • Right now! (from CodePlex or the OnekSoft Labs website)
    • v0.1: Initial Release
    • v0.2: Fixed Code4 crash upon device selection
    • v0.3: Relocated sprite/animation code into classes, added DrawingHelper samples
    • v0.4: Extended menu system to include visual grid tiles
    • v0.5: Updated grid tile menu to improve 4-way motion
    • v0.6: Added basic collision detection (player sprite against "enemy" text)
    • v1.0: Increased screen to 1280x720 and adjusted HUD position
    • v1.1: Extended Sprite support in Sprites subfolder (updated in code and content)
  • Where can I discuss it further?

NOTE: Since it's built on top of the Game State Management sample, the XNA Basic Starter Kit on CodePlex is also bound by the Microsoft Permissive License:

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